Christmas In Singapore

Merry Christmas, Singapore!

If you want one thing that is associated with the month of December, then it is Christmas. As this last month of the year approaches, here in Singapore, people start getting into a mood of celebration in expectation of this great event. Both young and old alike tend to become more jovial.

christmas in singaporeAlthough Christmas is primarily a Christian celebration, it has influenced the lives of people from diverse backgrounds the whole world over. The Christmas festivities actually cover a good part of the month of December. There is a great deal of preparation prior to the actual date of 25th December. And this day is just the beginning of the period known as Christmastide, which covers twelve days.

Uniquely Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places to enjoy Christmas. We have a rich cultural diversity, where people enjoy celebrating their respective traditions. However, Christmas brings together all these various cultures in a unique grand celebration.

Celebrating Christmas in Singapore involves taking part in the conventional Christmas events with a mixture of other activities that are ‘Uniquely Singapore’. Such traditions as gift giving are quite popular, complete with the well known Santa Claus. Decorations are carried out right from individual houses to the streets.

Particularly, lights in various colors are used to decorate the Orchard Road shopping belt, we call it Christmas Light Up, thus creating quite a beautiful atmosphere as the festive mood sets in. Celebrating Christmas in Singapore is associated with a lot of fun. There are numerous entertainment features that you can take part in, such as live music shows and parties. Of course, we never forget the ‘Christmas Countdown’.

Singapore is a great tourist destination, and this festive season gives you the unique opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. In addition, celebrating Christmas inSingapore will give you the chance to get some great bargains for your shopping spree.

No matter how many times you celebrate Christmas inSingapore, you won’t get bored. Every year has a special theme that sets it apart. People from different parts of the world come to this beautiful island country for their Christmas celebrations again and again.

It doesn’t matter you are a local or a tourist…


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